Treated Pine Fence

Treated Pine Fence

Treated Pine Fence

Pine fence pickets are available all over Australia for nominal prices. A reason behind their popularity is their super multipurpose attitude, of being ready for use in all kinds of applications. Treated pine fences are an elite version of the same type, with protective coatings that give the fence panels an added shelf life.

Pine Fence

Pine fences are popular typically in urban residential areas. Their rural counterpart is usually farm fencing. These fences are available for cheap prices all over Australia, and serve purposes mainly with regards to cattle farming. The logs help keep animals like pigs, cows, and buffaloes within their pens. Horses can also benefit from this.

Treated Pine Pickets

Picket fences are very popular with their usage in urban residential areas. Treated pine timber slat fences are a name that comes up very often. Picket fences are usually used in marking boundaries between different houses down the same lane. These fences look very pleasing aesthetic, especially in front of lawns and greenery.

Treated Pine Fence Capping

There are types to treated pine fences, and you can get all this information from your nearest hardware store. The prices to these vary on the levels of coatings on top. For instance, lapped and capped fence treated pine 1800mm fences will cost more than the 800 mm variant, depending on their shelf life.

Painting Treated Pine Fence

Treated pine lattice surround looks best when painted to contrast with the surrounding landscapes. For greenery around, a light beige coloured fence, made of wood, provides a very aesthetic look. Similarly, deserts and drylands give a very good background to dark, grey fences. With that in mind, the type of paint required to match particular weather conditions is also important.

Pine Pickets

These fence paints should be enamel in cases of great rain and humid atmosphere. Enamel paints have a special hydrophobic coating that keeps the water off and protects the wood within. Similarly, for dry conditions, it is advisable to get simple paints that do not crack upon drying. Your hardware store can help you in that regard.

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