Timber Paling Fence

Timber Paling Fence

Timber Paling Fence (Wooden Fencing)

A timber paling fencing is one of the most common styles of fencing we build, timber fencing has been around for decades, using hardwood fence posts (Class 1, in-ground) gives a timber paling fence the structural integrity for this style of a wooden fence to last many years. Not only is it a cheap fencing option it is a timeless classic.

What is a Timber Paling Fence?

A timber fence consists of hardwood timber posts, treated pine rails, a wooden fencing plinth and timber palings which are treated, there are many variations available, for instance, you could use hardwood fence palings and hardwood rails or even wooden slats.

Timber Paling Fence

Paling Fence Construction

Wooden fences are one of the quickest fences to build, they take next to no time to put up, a very good timber fencing contractors can put up around 25 meters of timber fences in one day, the average being around 15 to 20 meters per day for install any type of fencing.

The first day being a prep day, removing your old fence and installing the hardwood fencing posts, the second day is usually spent putting up your treated pine timber frame and nailing on your fence palings.

Why Use Treated Pine in your Fence?

The main reason fencing contactors use treated pine is for longevity, the treatment used in timber fencing is designed to stop the rot, this is why your fence will eventually fail, so make sure your fencing contractor is using treated pine, non-treated pine would only last a matter of months

How to Build your Own Timber Fence

Timber Paling Fence

Want to build your own wooden fence, have a look at our how-to guide (Here) learn all the tricks and tips from us, Fencing Contractors who have been building timber fences for decades!

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