The Right Fence

The Right Fence

How to choose the right fencing option for your property

Choosing the right fence can be difficult, more often, people install fences on their properties for one reason or another. People often build fences around their home when they want privacy in their outdoor space, mask the view of the street, keep their dogs in or declare the pool. You can also have a different purpose. If you are looking for any information about choosing the right fence for your property, we have covered.

Heres how to decide what type of fence will be the right choice for your property:

Your reason

Here are some possible reasons and the choice you have depending on each reason:

  • For privacy: In this case, a fence is needed that does not have much space between its axes. The slope of your yard also determines the height of your fence the location of the living area and, of course, the construction code in your area.
  • As windbreaker: a lot of people install fences to block the strong breezes. If you don’t want to lose sight and light by adding the fence, the best chance is a timber fence. Since your goal is to keep the wind out, it’s okay to have a lower fence.
  • For security: if you are installing a fence for security reasons, the higher the fence, the better. The correct height, in this case, is 2 meters. However, you may want to check the permissible height for the fence according to the law in your area. Make sure there are no horizontal rails outside the fence (if you are facing a park or a laneway).
  • To block the view of the street: when your house is on a busy street and you want to have a quiet space in your yard, you certainly must decide on the right fence.
  • To keep the dog inside: before choosing a fence to keep the dog inside, it is necessary to know whether the dog is a digger or a jumper. If it’s a digger, the fence must be as low to the ground as possible. You can also install chicken wire 1 inch below the ground next to your fence and cover it with dirt. On the other hand, if it’s a jumper, then you must know how high it’s capable of jumping. For dogs that don’t jump, a 1 or 1.5m high fence is enough. If you have a big dog, you certainly need a higher fence.
  • To secure the swimming pool: whether you have children or not, it is always best to secure the swimming pool with fences. According to Australian swimming pool fencing standards, the fence should not have large spaces from which a child can wander.It shouldn’t have to have support points to climb.

Your budget

Another factor that your purchase depends on is your budget. However, when it comes to maintaining a budget, it may be difficult to find a fence that does not break the bank. Fortunately, there are a lot of fencing options that are the budget-friendly.

The Right Fence

Time and money spent on maintenance

Some fences require more maintenance than others. Different types of fence require a different maintenance technique. So, you should consider the ease of maintenance. Here’s a question you should ask yourself, “Do I want to spend a lot of time and money maintaining a fence?”

Restrictions or regulations on the neighbourhood fence

According to the municipality zone department, there are certain limitations on the size and location of the fence. You must be aware of those in your area.

The style of your home

Finally, the type of fence you choose depends on the style of your home. Choose a fencing option that complements your property.

Choosing the right fencing option for your property can be a difficult task at times. Before you make your final decision, get a free quote from us now.

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