Front Fences Melbourne

Front Fences Melbourne

Front Fences Melbourne

Front fences are a very typical, Australian thing to have. This is specifically why everyone in cities stretched from Melbourne to Sydney goes on and tries to outdo each other in this regard. Front fences are a decorative addition to houses most of the time, but also serve as boundary markers and privacy assurance.

Front Fences and Gates Melbourne

The front of any house is expected to have a boundary wall and an entry point. This is done best through fences and an accompanying gate. With the rise of fencing companies like Colorbond, acquiring fences and gates has become very convenient for the general public. Not only do they get lots of choices in terms of colours and types, but they also get them for a variety of prices.

Front Gates Melbourne

Front gates in Melbourne are usually made of steel. However, an odd one out is also made of timber or wood, giving an extreme look of grandeur. Steel gates are generally preferred because of their long service lives and tendency to act against all kinds of environmental impacts like corrosion and degradation.

Front Fence Designs Melbourne

Front fences are also available in a variety of types and designs. This includes in particular, picket fences either in their natural wood colour, or painted white. These fences are perhaps the single most complimentary figure to front-facing lawns of Australian houses. Other types include slat fences, which are the modern equivalent of pickets, and feature horizontal palings.

Picket Fence Designs Melbourne

Picket fence designs can often confuse a lot of people regarding what exactly they want. Choosing between white and wood is solely your personal choice, but the shape of the fence can depend largely on your surroundings. If you fear animals or intruders during the night, always go for pointy pickets. Otherwise, flat pickets do the job too.

What type of fence should I put at the front of my property?

If you live in the countryside, a steel or wire fence might serve the purpose well. But for decorative reasons, timber fences are the best option you might have. Similarly, for urban households, picket fences are the way to go.

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