Sliding gate design

Sliding gate design

Sliding gate design

In modern gating systems, many features have been introduced that have made the security system reliable. This innovation in the electric gate designs not only provide us with comfort but also peace of mind. This article will tell you about different designs of sliding gates that you can get for the safety of your home.

Rolling gate design

Rolling gates are simple in design. They have a wheel and track system, which makes them slide to and fro. They are attached to the fence in such a way that they can slide over it. This type of gate is mostly used for chain link fence. These gates consume less space when opened, which is their significant benefit. They have simple parts so that the complexity of a sliding or cantilever gate is substituted in an affordable pattern.

Sliding front gate design

 These gates are usually suitable for spacious places such as commercial areas. But latest sliding gate designs for homes are also available for spacious residences. Sliding gates for homes can be single or BI-parting gates. Their design is usually based upon guide rollers that are used to move the gate and keep it erect.

Cantilever gate design

Cantilever gates are those gates that use a cantilever roller for opening and closing of the gate. There are huge similarities between cantilever gates and sliding fence gates designs, so they are often confused. The significant difference is the cantilevered roller along with the sliding door opener that allows the opening and closing of your door automatically.

Modern sliding gate designs

The modern electric gate designs are growing better and secure every day. There are many additions done to the design of a sliding gate that make it a smart gate. The automatic systems provide wireless access to the door and help you feel secure. Let’s take a look at some of the modern sliding gates.

  • Cantilever gates: These gates use cantilever roller for automation along with the sliding gate equipment. The main advantage is that this gate feels like virtually lifted from the ground.
  • Telescope sliding gates: these gates are especially useful in the places that are used for parking.
  • Tracked gates: these gates are substitutes of cantilever gates. Their main advantage is the small back-up area with wider opening spaces.

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