Slat gates

Slat gates

Slat gates

Just like the slat fence, slat gates are also made of panels that are made by joining together slats in different styles. Slat fence gates are strong and beautiful, they enhance the décor of your house and provide you will the privacy you need. You can use timber, aluminium or colorbond slat fencing gate depending upon your choice. Let’s have a look at some of the slat gates.

Aluminium slat fencing

One of the most affordable and durable fencings that one can get at their home is the aluminium slat fence. You can give any look to these slat fences according to your need. There is also timber like slat fence that you can get to match with nature. The timber like slat fence price is usually the same as that of ordinary aluminium slat fences.

Aluminium slats

Ezi aluminium slats are the best innovation in the aluminium fence design. They are light in weight, easy to install, reliable and durable. They are the architect’s pick that will make your house look modern and more attractive.

Powder-coated Aluminum slats

Powder coating and galvanizing strengthens aluminium and also provide protection from corrosion and damage. The powder can also be used for colouring aluminium slats. You can get any fence design you want by getting it to powder-coated in the way you like. You can also make timber like slat fences using a powder coating.


Ezi slat gates like the Ezi fences are sleek and beautiful and go with all types of architecture. They provide secure privacy to your property and makes it look attractive. You can get your slat gate from the different colour variations available.

Timber slat gates

Timber slat gates are strong and the best wooden gates that you can get. But you also have the option of Aluminum fence that is powder-coated to give it timber like shade. Timber fence gate gives your yard an attractive look that blends in with nature. They are also fences with most strength, durability, and long service to get you a safe and secure living place.

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