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Compelling reasons why homeowners install residential fences, Have you thought about installing a residential fence on your property? Do you spend time weighing the pros and the cons? If so, you’re not alone. A lot of homeowner’s struggle with the decision to install fences in their home or continue to deal with less privacy, security and safety every day.

Installing a quality fence on your property comes with an initial investment and depending on the type of fence you want to install; it may also require regular maintenance. Outside of these two things, there are no other financial burdens for you to bear and since your fence will be installed within a few days, there is minimal interruption to your routine. Investing in new fences is investing in the future and in the value of your property, your security and your privacy. The residential fence also provides more control in terms of what you need to support when delineating the boundaries of your property with your neighbours.

Reasons why homeowners install a residential fence on their property.


Everyone wants to feel safe where they live and a way to make sure that you live on a secure property is to install fences.

Whether the fence wood or steel to keep intruders, such as thieves, away and out of your home and keep family members and pets safe within your yard.


Another reason homeowner wants a residential fence is to increase the level of privacy on their property. If you have a nosy, overly talkative neighbour, a fence will allow you to be in your garden without your wandering eyes or unnecessary conversations that disturb your day.

It also prevents neighbours from looking inside easily and seeing any new items you bought for your yard, eliminating the irritating ‘stick with Roy’s mentality.’


Safety is another primary concern of homeowners, especially parents. If you have young children, you want to make sure you don’t run away from the yard and end up lost or injured along the way. Of course, this also applies to your beloved pets.

Both children and animals can be fast and can unexpectedly get away from you. The residential fences with the door ensure that your children or pets will not be able to leave easily, giving reassurance that they are safe.

Picket Fence Installation
Picket Fence Installation


Establishing exactly where the property lines are is another common reason for owners to install fences.

If you have a neighbour or an agent, who is not sure where exactly the property line, placing a fence around the perimeter of your property will eliminate any confusion where the boundaries of your land.

Out of sight

Many owners choose to install fences to block ugly buildings or other unpleasant objects insight. If you have a neighbour across the street who refuses to keep up with the maintenance of their home or you live in an area where ugly industrial buildings are frequent, a fence can be a great solution.

Putting a fence will allow you to block any unwanted view of your yard, which will give you much more peace and fun from your home and yard.

residential fence

Why would I install a fence in my yard?

There are numerous reasons for installing wooden fences or steel fences in your yard. If you want to enjoy the privacy from your neighbours, keep thieves away, create a safe environment for children and pets, take notes on property lines, or refrain from looking at things you prefer not to, a residential fence can be a great solution.

Keep your home safe and secure, and make sure that you and your family can enjoy your home with more privacy than ever.

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