Post and Wire Fence

Post and Wire Fence

Post and Wire Fence

he fences used for the protection of farms are usually post and wire fences. These fences are made of wooden posts with wire welded between them in different styles to provide protection to plantations from wild animals and stray cattle. In this article, we will have an examination of this style of fencing.


So, to set up a this style of fencing follow the following steps.

  • Dig the hole for the posts. Create a small incision inside the hole so that the foot of the post can be fixed.
  • Insert the post into the hole and hammer it down.
  • Put heel stones into the hole spaces to provide your post support.
  • Attach the wire to the fence posts by passing it through and around the slots in the fences.
  • Keep the wires to a mediocre tightness so that they straighten up when the middle post is installed.
Post and Wire Fence
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Fence strainer post

Fence strainer posts are extensions of the original fence posts that are installed at an angle of 45 with the ground and the post. They are hammered to keep the posts erect and standing.

Wire fence posts

When you install wire fencing posts, they might fail because of the see-saw strain produced on them as the wire of the fence is pushed or pulled. There are many ways you can install the strainer fence to last longer. The best way is to drive the post straight into the ground. Other ways include digging up a hole, placing the stock fence post in it and then filling it up.

Chicken wire fence post

Chicken wire fences are used for outdoor boundary-making, usually for the protection of livestock from predators. They need frames or posts for their set up. You can use post fence with the chicken wire to build up your livestock protection.

Barbed wire fence

Barbed wire fences are made for security purposes. These fences provide security to your place and can be installed on the original fence. They are also used for building borders between the two countries.

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