Merbau Fence

Merbau fence

Merbau fence

One of the most attractive fences for home fence installation are the Merbau fence installations, These fences are made of timber slats and galvanized steel posts to give it a beautiful finish as well as making it an awesomely strong fence for privacy and security. The timber is very attractive with a golden speck that runs through the wood. This wood is also used in flooring decking and many more applications other than just fences. It is a termite and fungal resistant wood, so it is used for fencing and other purposes. In this article, we will discuss fences in detail.

Gates Bunnings

Fences and gates are really strong and long-lasting. They have an attractive finish that makes your house look attractive. Gates of many styles and sizes can be obtained at Bunnings warehouse. They have all kind of fencing material available on their website from which you can choose the best gate for your home.


Another use of this style timber is the front fence pickets. Treated pine timber and Vinyl picket fence are although much popularity, but Merbau pickets are also a good substitute.

Fence cost

You must have price estimations of fences before you install one. A pricing survey must be done to check out the lowest rates of fencing available. You can do a local surveyor can search the internet. The average price of a Merbau fence is about $228 per meter of Merbau fence.

Merbau timber fence

Just like the treated pine timber fences, fences can be made out of Merbau timber as well. There are several styles of timber fencing available in this style wood including horizontal and vertical fence, lapped and capped Merbau fences, lattice fences made out of Merbau timber and frames for chicken wire fences, chain link fences and many other types of fences.

Slat fence

Slat fences made of this type of tree are really attractive privacy fences. They completely block the inside view allowing you to enjoy full privacy in your homes. These slats look beautiful due to the golden speck embedded in the fibre of the wood. It is a strong fencing material and goes parallel to treated pine when fencing is concerned

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