How to fence a pool

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  1. How To Install A Pool Fence
  2. Starting with the pool fence
  3. Pool fence regulations – the basics
  4. Can a boundary fence be a pool fence?
  5. Step 7. Attach the hinges to the gate

How To Install A Pool Fence

If your pool is more than 300mm deep you are required to install a pool fence. This includes in ground pools, above ground pools, and temporary blow up pools.

When installing pool fence, there are a lot of things that must be considered. As pool owner, you must have keen attention to details. This is to avoid unnecessary accidents such as drowning to happen. With this guide, you are now ready to install pool fence for your swimming pool properly.

Drowning is the #1 accidental killer of children ages 1 – 4 years old. Most of these drownings happen in backyard swimming pools and are entirely preventable. It is our mission to give every parent the tools they need to protect their children and other children from the threat of their swimming pool, and in doing so, reduce the staggering number of fatal drownings nationwide.

Starting with the pool fence

O. P. Hi, and thanks for reading. I am in brisbane and starting the initial stages of planning an inground concrete pool. My neighbour has a pool, and old pool, and it recently had to be reapproved because of the new rules that came in last year.

Pool fence regulations – the basics

A pool fence must be built to ensure small children cannot find a way inside the pool enclosure. Your local pool fencing installer can tell you more about the regulations in your area. In some cases, rules may be different even within the same state.

Before you start installing your pool fence, check with your local authorities to make sure you comply with all of their regulations and the fence meets australian safety standards.

Can a boundary fence be a pool fence?

Any pool with a water depth of 300mm (30cm) or capable of holding more than 300mm of water is required by law to have an approved fence erected to protect children from drowning. As at 2015 any pool must be fenced separate to the dwelling and may use boundary fencing providing the height of the boundary fence is 1800mm and if cross braced the distance between the top of the bottom cord and the top of the top cord are more than 900mm.

In queensland, dividing fences are often used as pool barriers as an efficient way to comply with pool safety laws. If you have to construct a new fence, replace, or modify an existing pool fence or barrier that you share with your neighbour, it’s important that it is compliant.

Step 7. Attach the hinges to the gate

Step 2. Position the posts set a stringline for the post tops. Allow a gap of up to 100mm below and 50mm above each panel, with the latch post extending 300mm above the gate. Position the posts in holes and fill with concrete, sloping the surface for runoff.

Use the cordless drill and screws to attach the two hinges to the pool gate, one at the top of the gate, the other at the bottom.

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