How much does timber fencing cost Adelaide

How much does timber fencing cost Adelaide

How much does timber fencing cost Adelaide

Timber fencing is one of the most extensively used fencings in Australia. With so many designs and styles, timber fences are a great attraction, strong protective barriers, and boundaries. If you want timber fencing installed in your home, then you must have a know-how about the timber fencing quotes in Adelaide. In this article, we are going to go through the prices of timber fences that are available across Adelaide.

Timber fencing Adelaide

Timber fences of all types are done in the region of Adelaide. From timber slat fencing Adelaide to timber fencing Adelaide hills, fences made of timber cover a huge variety of designs. These fence designs include timber slat fences, horizontal fence, vertical fence, post and rail fence, timber post and wire fence, lapped and capped fences, timber panels for fencing and wooden picket fence panels Adelaide.

Timber picket fencing Adelaide

Picket fences are very popular in Adelaide, especially white picket fences have quite a significance in yard and garden fencing. They are available in many types of materials, but timber fences are the most widely used fences. The average cost of timber picket fence Adelaide ranges from $210-$375 depending upon the type of wood you want to install for your picket fence.

Timber fencing contractors Adelaide

Several timber fencing contractors provide their fencing services in Adelaide. They are available online where one can approach them from their websites. They have provided their contact numbers and email IDs for communication. Here is a list of some of the timber fencing companies of Adelaide.

  • Adelaide fencing center
  • Active fencing and retaining
  • Broad view fencing
  • Heritage fencing
  • Lee Benson fencing
  • Henley fencing
  • Fencing solutions

Timber fence rails Adelaide

Fence rails are used in the construction of many types of fence. The average price of timber rails for fencing construction is about $1-4 per Meter. These rails are especially combined with rural timber fence posts Adelaide to form post and rail fences that are quite popular in the rural developments.

Timber paling fence Adelaide

Similarly, the timber paling fence prices range from $75-120 per meter of the fence.

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