Garden Fence Panels

Garden Fence Panels

Garden Fence Panels

Have you heard of trellis panels? These are the latest in the gardening trends of Australia. Not only do these panels look aesthetically superior to your regular fences, but they are also extremely suitable for the growth of vines in your garden. These garden panels serve mostly a decorative purpose and can be found at your nearest gardening or hardware store.

Garden Screen Panels

Garden small fence panels are also a pretty important accessory if you have a moderate to large lawn and garden with your house. Even for business that grow flowers and fruits, this can come in very handy. These screen panels help divide the area into subsections for easy growth and tracking of various plants. Plant nurseries have been making use of these for quite a long time.

Decorative Fence Panels

A fence top trellis is an innovative idea to make your property eco-friendly. These come as extensions for your regular picket or steel fences. While the fence height is standard, an extension in the trellis pattern adorns the top, which can be used to grow plants or vines, giving your property’s boundary wall the very natural look it needs.

Bamboo Fence Panels

Decorative garden panels also include bamboo fence panels. Due to the easy availability of the bamboo wood, these can be found relatively cheaper than the intricate trellis panels or strong timber panels. Bamboo fence panels tend to amalgamate with the plants growing on them and provide an extremely natural, aesthetic look, getting stronger as more plants grow on them.

Garden Panels

Another very popular type of garden panels are decorative metal fence panels. These panels, as evident from their name, are made of metal and thus require minimal maintenance. It is of concern, though, that plant growth can significantly increase their rate of degradation as it affects the protective coatings on top.

Fence Screening Panels

Whatever type you choose to go with, fence screening panels are a very important component of any gardens and lawns, particularly within Australia. Your choices can vary depending on your budget and your requirements, but in the end, these panels will serve you better than your expectations.

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