Find your neighbours to help with your fences


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Find your local councils request forms to find out who your neighbours are

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Find your neighbours to help pay for your fences, fencing can make neighbours turn on each other, us as Fencing Contractors offer all the tools possible so this does not happen


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It is generally best to lodge a request as soon as you get your quotes

South Australia

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Remember to send your quotes registered post to your neighbours


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Allowing around 5 – 10 working days for your neighbours to respond

Western Australia

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If they do not respond, maybe think about sending them a Notice to Fence

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Find my neighbours

When it comes to fencing and neighbours it can be quite hard, from choosing a fencing style you both like to finding a height you both agree on, it is best to chat to your neighbour and listen to them, getting fencing quotes for different styles and heights to show your neighbour is a good start, this way you can both chat about the style and height of the fence you might like.

Timber fencing is by far the cheapest option, however colorbond fencing lasts a lot longer, so well you save money today, you may need to spend money in later years on a timber fence.

Timber fencing generally lasts 15-18 years where as colorbond fencing lasts 20+ years as long as you have the right fencing contactor