Standard Timber Paling Fence

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Standard Timber Paling Fencing is one of the most common fencing types that we build, it is the most cost effective fence available in the market for people who just need a fence.

Timber Paling Fence w/ Capping

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Timber Paling Fence with Capping is similar to our standard timber paling fence, with the inclusion of capping for a touch of elegance, while protecting your top fencing rail.

Exposed Post w/ Capping

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Exposed Post Timber Paling Fence With Capping, is an upgrade of a standard timber fence, the posts are exposed in this fence, to create a feature of your property

Colorbond Fence

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Colorbond Fencing is by far is the longest lasting fence in the market, if you are looking for longevity in your fence, this is the way to go, we only use genuine Colorbond Steel

Colorbond w/ Timber Sleeper

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Colorbond Fencing With A Timber Sleeper at the bottom not only gives you extra height and privacy, the timber sleeper if installed, also to keeps the bottom rail out of the soil

Picket Fencing

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Picket Fencing, create a statement in your front yard today, with so many different types of picket fences available, we can help design a custom fence for your needs, we specialize in Picket

Fencing Types

There are many differnt styles and types of fencing you can choose from, here you will find a couple of different options that are more commonly choosen by our clients, the most common fences built are timber (wooden paling fence) or colorbond (steel fencing), well the style of fence is very important finding the right fencing contractor is just as important, luckly for you, you have choosen the right company to quote your fence, as we are the only company that vets their fencing contractors while have a fencing quote to you the fastest.

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Fencing Quotes Online