Fencing Types

Timber Fencing

timber fencing

Timber will provide your property with great appeal. If you live in a natural setting, fencing made from materials like steel will almost intrude into your visual space
• You will find that timber fencing is more affordable than many of the other materials available, such as steel
• Since this fencing is installed piece by piece, you’ll find that it is also relatively easy to repair
• If you want extra privacy you can build a taller fence or for complete privacy, a solid timber fence

Colorbond Fencing

colorbond fencing

• It looks great with its clean, crisp lines, Colorbond steel looks great from both
sides of the fence
• It comes in a wide range of colours There are over 14 colours from which to
choose from
• It’s made to last, Colorbond steel won’t rot
• It’s easy to maintain once it’s up, there’s very little do. Keep an eye on the bottom
of the fence to ensure it’s clear of soil and garden debris, and give the whole fence
an occasional wash down

Feature Fencing

feature fencing

• Feature fences are designed to give your home more street appeal, it is best to choose a style of feature fence that complements your property
• Adds value to your home with flexibility to combine different fencing materials and colours
• Improves privacy and security without compromising aesthetics
• Perfect for any owner, developer or builder who wants to sell their home while increasing the feeling and modern aesthetics
• A visually stunning feature fence can really make your property stand out from the others

Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing

• Glass fencing is a sophisticated and elegant solution to providing a safe outdoor area around your pool or balcony
• Glass fences are by far today’s most popular choice for pool fencing and balconies
• Highest quality glass panels, spigots, posts, handrails & hardware
• Protect your family with a safe and durable glass fence. We set the benchmark using toughened glass
• We specialise in modern approach

PVC & Vinyl Fencing

pvc & vinyl fencing

• Provides an ideal combination of durability, strength, colour consistency and withstands harsh weather conditions
• Excellent cost effectiveness and is visually stunning
• Get all the charm of a wooden picket fence without any of the upkeep

Aluminium Fencing

aluminium fencing

Aluminium Slats are naturally corrosion resistant, giving you more life our of your fencing
• Private and secure, aluminium slat fencing is the perfect solution, while being elegant
• It is a modern and stylish that comes with clean lines and a sharp finish
• Contemporary and attractive, aluminium slat fencing is the perfect choice for the homeowner who wants to stand out
• Aluminium slat fencing is easily customized to suit your needs

Security Fencing

security fencing

• Security Fencing Can Prevent Vandalism and Theft of Goods or Supplies
• Security Fencing blocks escape routes for Intruders
• Reassuring visitors with Security Fencing
• Creates a deterrent for opportunistic thieves and vandals

ChainLink Fencing

chainlink fencing

• Chain-Link is the ideal fencing material for a wide range of applications & site locations
• Chainwire, or chain link, is a woven wire fence that is one of the oldest and most popular types of security fencing used all over the world
• It provides years of 24-hours-a-day protection
Chainmesh has a high recovery rate and can be easily relocated as the extension of premises demand. Additional fencing can be matched in detail with the original and new chainmesh can be made to join into the existing mesh

Steel Fencing

Steel Fencing

• With its ease of maintenance and pleasing, modern aesthetic, steel fencing is a firm favourite with homeowners
• Due to its strong, robust construction, metal fencing provides an unparalleled level of protection to your property and will outlast any other type of fencing.

Fencing Types

There are many differnt styles and types of fencing you can choose from, here you will find a couple of different options that are more commonly choosen by our clients, the most common fences built are timber (wooden paling fence) or colorbond (steel fencing), well the style of fence is very important finding the right fencing contractor is just as important, luckly for you, you have choosen the right company to quote your fence, as we are the only company that vets their fencing contractors while have a fencing quote to you the fastest.

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