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Neighbours are responsible for shared fencing. When building or repairing fences both parties should agree on the style, cost and timing of the necessary works, fencing regulations melbourne will give you a starting point to help deal with your neighbours

New South Wales

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A Fencing Act provides a formal process for resolving of fencing disputes including the issuing of a fencing notice. Costs should be shared between neighbours


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Both neighbours should pay for a fence to be built or repaired. Usually, you would each have to pay for half of the cost of the fence, and agree on a style of fence.

South Australia

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The Fences Act contains a dispute resolution process for when you and your neighbour do not agree about the location of the common boundary


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You may give a boundary survey notice, which sets out your intention to have the common boundary defined by a licensed surveyor

Western Australia

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Neighbours should attempt to resolve any issues between themselves rather than having the fence dispute escalate into an expensive and ongoing issue

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Fencing Regulations