Fencing Quote

Fencing Quote

Fencing Quote

When comparing fencing quotes, don’t just compare prices. Compare the processing of fencing contractors from whom you receive fencing quotes. A good fencing contractor will have a long history in your community and can show you examples of your previous work. If a fence installed five years ago still looks great today, you can be sure it will too.

The best way to find out the cost of your fencing project is to get a fencing quote from local fence builders. This will give you an idea of ​​what the current market rates are. will your fencing contractor help you with your fencing notice if you need to send your neighbour one?

Comparing Fencing Contractors

If you are thinking of building a new fence or replacing an old one, you will, of course, get some fencing quotes and compare fence contractors to see what each one has to offer. But what are the relevant questions to ask about it? Hereabout, we describe the things you need to know and why they are important, so you can be sure to make the right decision and get the best value for money, especially if you are building a feature fence

Do you offer a guarantee?

You do not want to invest in a fence and then fail, only to discover that you have no guarantee. Never you assume that a fencing contractor offers a guarantee on your work. Some do and others do not.

You can understand why it is vital to understand what kind of guarantee is offered. You want to get the written guarantee that indicates what is covered and for how long. Then you know exactly where you are in case of problems with materials or labour.

Look for a contractor that supports both materials and labour with a long-lasting warranty: approximately one year is good.

Fencing Quote

Are rust-proof accessories used, as well as panels/slats?

This critical question is often overlooked. Rust is the number one enemy of a fence. Most fence contractors will inform you immediately of their rust-proof or galvanized aluminium uprights and panels, but what about the smaller elements that hold the fence together?

We must emphasize how important it is to ensure that your fencing contractor also uses rust-proof fittings. This includes screws, welds, hinges, panels, bolts, posts, etc. The use of accessories that are not rust-proof will eventually cause the fence to fail.

Are your fabricator’s trade certified?

Some fencing contractors will have certified owners, but they will hire cheaper unskilled workers to do the actual work to increase their profits. When you hire a fencing contractor, you must ensure that even the people who build your fence are qualified tradesmen. It collapses with the first strong wind.

By making sure that fabricators are certified tradesmen, you know that you are having highly qualified people build your fence, which means that you will get a strong and durable fence, which looks good and is built in the way you want.

Do you have insurance for your tradesmen when they are on my property?

If the fencing contractor has adequate insurance, accidents such as injuries or property damage can be appropriately handled. Both you and the tradesmen will be protected. However, if the fencing contractor has inadequate insurance or does not have insurance, the homeowner may be held liable. Do not risk; Make sure the contractor has adequate insurance.

Where do you get your materials?

It is always safer to make sure that Australian materials are used since foreign materials may not meet Australia’s construction and safety standards. Yes, foreign materials may cost less, but often they have a much lower quality than local materials.

When your fence is built with a quality product, you know that it will last and retain its beauty for years to come. Saving a few dollars in materials and, therefore, having a fence that begins to deteriorate quickly makes no sense. You will find additional material costs for repairs and labour. That’s why it’s important to ask your fencing contractor where the materials they use come from.

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