Colorbond Fencing cost

Colorbond Fencing Cost

Colorbond Fencing Cost

The cost of Colorbond fencing widely differs and is used in residential and commercial properties throughout the Eastern region of Australia because it offers durability, security and privacy, as well as easy maintenance.  It is also easy to install and is available in a variety of styles and colours.

On average, the installation of Colorbond fences costs $80 per meter. The size and complexity of the work determine if the price of this service may increase. Typically, Colorbond fence installers charge around $80 per meter to $110 per meter.

Colorbond Fencing Styles

Colorbond offers three different fencing styles: traditional, lattice fencing and gated fencing. The simplest of the Colorbond fencing styles is the Traditional Fencing. This style includes the Colorbond steel fence model and is available with over 14 colour options. The traditional fence is the type of fence sold by Colorbond. Lattice fencing Also the colorbond fence includes the style option.

How much Is A Sheet of Colorbond?

You won’t find many durable, flexible and durable materials like Colorbond. Tested and tested for longevity and erosion, Colorbond can withstand even the toughest climates in Australia. In addition, the metal fence is 100% recyclable and helps reduce waste on the site, so the environment will also appreciate it.

The price of a Colorbond fencing sheet depends on the type of siding and varies between the range of $17 to $37 per sheet, so expect to pay around:

  • $17 per base of steel sheet,
  • $22 per Colorbond sheet with powder coating
  • $37 for the most durable Ultra Colorbond sheet
Colorbond Fencing cost

Colorbond Fence Price per Panel

The price per panel depends mainly on the size and style of the Colorbond cabinet panels. The price per panel of the standard colorbond fencing size ranges between $80 and $150, although it may be less or even reach around $200.

Colorbond fencing sizes

How High Is A Standard Colorbond Fence?

The height of the Colorbond fence is closely related to the height of the panel. A standard Colorbond fence panel is 1.8meters high. Of course, there are other heights of Colorbond panels available in the market, such as, 1.5m, 2.1m and more depending on the manufacturer.

 Width of Colorbond Fence Panel

A standard Colorbond fence panel has a width of 2.365m. However, the width of the Colorbond panel may vary depending on its height, so it can be 2.1m, 2.365m, 2.4m, 3.1m, 3.15m or more depending on the manufacturer.

Colorbond Fencing Near Me

Cost of Colorbond fence per meter

If it is a standard 1.8-meter-high Colorbond fence installed on soft ground, it is necessary to estimate a cost of between $80 and $90 per linear meter, excluding GST. The prices below this should be tired of how no original component could be used or improper cement bases installed to save costs. Asking many questions is the key to ensuring that a quality fence is installed according to its standard.

Factors that Affect Fence Installation Price

The Colorbond fence installation is an important home improvement project. To get the most out of your budget, you should have an idea of ​​how much you will need to spend. This also allows you to make a better decision. When estimating a budget for your fencing project, be sure to consider these things:


If you have a large property, the Colorbond fence installer will need to devote more time and resources to complete the job.

Replacing an old fence

If you are replacing an old fence, your installer will have to remove it before you can build your new Colorbond Fence. Depending on the type of material from which your old fence is made, removing it can be difficult. In this case, prepare to disburse more money as your fencing contractor will do more work.

The complexity of work.

Complicated installation involves additional activities for the installer. For example, if the fence is in soft or irregular terrain, the work will undoubtedly be more difficult. Of course, as the amount of work increases, the cost also increases.

Colorbond colors for fencing
Colorbond colors for fencing

Cheap Colorbond Fencing

Finding a cheap colorbond fencing is very much attainable as colorbond fencing is one of the cheapest forms of domestic fencing in the market. However, fencing is generally a unique decision in life and you should pay attention to what is right for you. We recommend that you visit our website and explore the various options or talk to one of our experts.

Fencing Quote

When comparing colorbond fencing quotes, don’t just compare prices. Compare the processing of fencing contractors from whom you receive fencing quotes. A good fencing contractor should have a long history in your community and can show you examples of your previous work. If a fence installed five years ago still looks great today, you can be sure it will too. The best way to find out the cost of your fencing project is to get a fencing quote from local fence builders. This will give you an idea of ​​what the current market rates are.

The installation of Colorbond fences is an important project and should only be carried out by qualified professionals. You can find a list of experienced Colorbond fencing installers at the best possible price with just a few clicks.

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