Cost of Paling Fence

Cost of Paling Fence

Cost of Paling Fence

Paling fences are now more popular in Australia than ever before. Some people believe that this popularity is due to the reason that fences are now easily supported by the latest architectural plans. Another reason why fences have grown so popular is believed to be that people are now more aware of the benefits provided by the fences. Fences help to improve security around the house. Paling fence prices are also influenced by the dimensions of the fence, which is usually height.

Paling fence price per meter

If we consider the price of a regular paling fence per meter, then it can be deduced that for an average pine paling fence, the average price would be about seventy-five dollars to a hundred and twenty dollars. This amount can also include the price of installation or labour that is required as well. Some fences can be more difficult to install, and those fences often require more men as well.

Paling fence cost per meter

Whether we are considering timber paling fence price or timber paling fence cost, it is pretty clear that most of the prices are affected by the kinds of materials that are used to make them. If we consider hardwood, instead of timber, we would realize that hardwood costs more than normal timber.

Hardwood fence palings price

The average price of hardwood paling fences can be eighty dollars to a hundred and twenty-five dollars per meter. This value includes the installation fee, but hardwood is comparatively more costly because it is more durable as well.

Pailing fence cost

Fence palings price varies a lot depending on whether the design was already prepared or whether it is custom made. Designs for paling fences made on order cost more than the other fences.

Lapped and capped fence prices

The lapped and capped fences have varying prices that also depend on the price of the material that is being used. A treated pine palling fence costs about 75 to 120 dollars whereas a hardwood paling fence can easily cost 125 dollars.

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