Colorbond Fencing Gold Coast

Colorbond Fencing Gold Coast

Colorbond Fencing Gold Coast

The popular Colorbond fencing Gold Coast option has developed over the years. Colorbond has been a popular fencing solution for decades in the Gold Coast fencing market. A Colorbond Fence has many advantages in terms of durability and aesthetic value. Also, the price of the Colorbond fence is not as expensive as you might have imagined. This high-durability, long-lasting steel product continues to grow in popularity for both the residential and commercial fences.

1500 mm (5 ft), 1800 mm (6 ft) are the two most popular height options, with 1800mm by far the number one. 1800mm is the standard 6 ft fence.

When it comes to deciding on a fencing option, it is not only how big the fence is seen that matters, but also how well it does what it should, and the total life span of the fence while maintaining its aesthetic integrity.

Colorbond Fencing Gold Coast Solutions

This fence panel system has really come a long way over time. It’s a great choice for both sides of the fence. With a wide range of modern colours to choose from.

When it comes to colorbond fencing gold coast, there are a lot of colours available to suit all styles and types of areas. It is becoming popular to mix and match the colours of the Colorbond frame with a contrasting sheet colour.

Benefits of Colorbond Fencing gold coast

There are a lot of advantages, here are just a few, as long as you hire the right fencing contractor:

  • Termite Resistant
  • Won’t Rot
  • Low Maintenance
  • Climb resistant
  • Colour Range
  • Very Aesthetic to the eye.

It’s all about how it’s made

Tested in Australia’s harshest conditions over the past 50 years, Colorbond steel is much more than just “paint-on steel.”

1. The structural steel base is made to meet the Australian standard as 1397, ensuring strict adherence to the highest quality and finishing grade of your steel.

2. The steel base of the fence panels is covered with an Activate technology coating that increases corrosion resistance.

3. A thin pre-treatment layer is applied to improve the adhesion of additional coatings.

4. A polyester primer is also baked on the surface.

5. A specially developed lead-free external coat of paint (complies with Australian standard as 2728) is baked for increased resistance to shredding, peeling and crack resistant to ensure that the finish retains its appearance for a longer period.

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