Colorbond Fencing Styles

Colorbond fencing styles

Colorbond fencing styles

You should not make compromises on fences. They are responsible for your protection and safety and of those whom you love. There are several types of fences, but one of the most innovative ideas introduced in recent years of advanced fencing are the colorbond fences. Colorbond fencing is made from 100% recyclable material that is nature-friendly, and this fence is available with special paint coat that makes its life longer. Moreover, colorbond fences are do compromise on strength and flexibility. One of the major advantages is that the fence is maintenance-free, which makes it affordable in the long run.

Colorbond fence styles

Colorbond fencing is unique in its styles. Its panels can be of many designs and can be colored in different ways to suit different housing plans and building structures. Colorbond steel fences are corrugated in many different ways and can be placed as horizontal and vertical colorbond fences. It has sleek, beautiful lines that enhance the beauty of your dwelling.

Colorbond gate styles

Available in 14 different color bond fencing colors, colorbond gates are going to add to the beauty of your home. These gates can be made of any size and can be crossed with other colobond supplies such as lattices, slats, and post caps. The color bond fencing panels have the versatility to be installed as fence panels or as gating panels. They can be used as driveway gates, main gates, or back gates. Larger gates can be made using color bond fencing extensions.

Colorbond styles

Colorbond fences provide its customers with a lot of fencing facilities. You can set up your colorbond fence yourself by using a colorbond fence installation guide. It becomes a fun DIY project once you’ve all the material that you need for fencing.

Colorbond fence panels styles

Fencing panels of colorbond fences are usually very versatile in design. Some of the famous designs include the sine wave design and the trapezoid style. These designs on the fence make overlapping of the fence easier, making strong conjunction between different colorbond panels.

Colorbond fence installation

Colorbond fencing installation can be done by the company as a part of the contract. Otherwise, you can set up the fence yourself or call fencing contractors.

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Merbau Fence

Merbau fence

Merbau fence

One of the most attractive fences for home fence installation are the Merbau fence installations, These fences are made of timber slats and galvanized steel posts to give it a beautiful finish as well as making it an awesomely strong fence for privacy and security. The timber is very attractive with a golden speck that runs through the wood. This wood is also used in flooring decking and many more applications other than just fences. It is a termite and fungal resistant wood, so it is used for fencing and other purposes. In this article, we will discuss fences in detail.

Gates Bunnings

Fences and gates are really strong and long-lasting. They have an attractive finish that makes your house look attractive. Gates of many styles and sizes can be obtained at Bunnings warehouse. They have all kind of fencing material available on their website from which you can choose the best gate for your home.


Another use of this style timber is the front fence pickets. Treated pine timber and Vinyl picket fence are although much popularity, but Merbau pickets are also a good substitute.

Fence cost

You must have price estimations of fences before you install one. A pricing survey must be done to check out the lowest rates of fencing available. You can do a local surveyor can search the internet. The average price of a Merbau fence is about $228 per meter of Merbau fence.

Merbau timber fence

Just like the treated pine timber fences, fences can be made out of Merbau timber as well. There are several styles of timber fencing available in this style wood including horizontal and vertical fence, lapped and capped Merbau fences, lattice fences made out of Merbau timber and frames for chicken wire fences, chain link fences and many other types of fences.

Slat fence

Slat fences made of this type of tree are really attractive privacy fences. They completely block the inside view allowing you to enjoy full privacy in your homes. These slats look beautiful due to the golden speck embedded in the fibre of the wood. It is a strong fencing material and goes parallel to treated pine when fencing is concerned

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Modular Fences

Modular Fences

Modular Fences

Modular Fences are fencing products that are made from different materials such as panels and posts. They are made in a way that they look similar to a rendered brick. However, a brick wall is very expensive. Therefore, modular fences can serve great looks at a fraction of the price. There are many types of fencing such as Slenderline Acoustic Modular Fencing which maintains the aesthetic of a brick rendered boundary wall but is cheap. This makes a perfect boundary wall that is very easy to install. The modular fence cost is almost $130.

They have replaced a lot of traditional fencing methods because they require very little installation time. Similarly, they serve good looks and add immense value to the property price. Modular fences might be the only fences that reduce noise. They usually come with a 15-year warranty which is more than any other material. You may install an aluminium post for excessive pool water exposure.

Modular Fence Panels

These panels can be bought at any homeware store. They can help replace an already existing fence, or you can build a fencing system with these panels. These panels can also be inserted solely to an area to create a barrier.

Modular Fence Bunnings

Bunnings is a homeware company that specializes in fencing products. They retail all kinds of fencing products such as timber fencing, colorbond fencing, aluminium fencing, etc. They also have a variety of modular fencing and modular fencing panels. You can create a modular wall fence using these panels.

Modular Panels

Fencing Panels are in high demand. The increasing demand is mainly because of the ease of their use, low maintenance cost, and durability. Therefore, modular fencing panels are a really good fencing option.

Modular Wall

A Modular wall slim wall can be purchased from the Modular wall website. This type of wall can provide privacy, can be used as a decorative measure to the property, and can also protect from noise.

Modular Fence System

The fencing system comprises a modular wall along with a modular gate. The complete job requires labour work, tools, and a modular fence. The complete fencing cost depends on the size of the area. Typically it costs around $96-$180 per square meter.

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Fencing contractors Brisbane

Fencing Contractors in Brisbane

Fencing Contractors in Brisbane

In the region of Australia, fencing is very common. As there are extreme temperature changes in different weather seasons. The region is mostly dry, hot, or cold. Therefore, fencing that can withstand such changes is high in demand. Whether it is adding value to your house, giving you privacy, leisure, comfort, or protection, fencing does it all for you. Many residential and commercial properties in Brisbane now opt for fencing.

There is a range of materials that you can choose from when it comes to fencing. Whether it is materials, shapes, colours, or sizes, all can be customized by the customer’s will. A fence that complements your property and uplifts it should be chosen. Similarly, the fence chosen should also provide you with protection or any other purpose you have in mind.

Fence Builders Brisbane

There are many fence contractors Brisbane to choose from. Such as Brisbane fencing, Fencing R Us, Jumbuck Pool, and Home Fencing, and many more. These fencing contractors Brisbane are well known amongst their customers and have a good rating because of the services they provide. Fence installation Brisbane costs around $75 – $120 per meter.

Timber Fencing Contractors Brisbane

As timber fencing is very popular and it high in demand because of its lightweight, durability, and low maintenance price. Some well-known contractors in Brisbane The Master Fence Pty LTD, Lees Fencing and Retaining, and White Pickets.

Fencing Contractors Brisbane Northside

To the North of Brisbane, some of the most well-known contractors are FenceCorp – Aluminium Gates & Fencing Brisbane, ESP Fencing & Security, Jumbuck Pool & Home Fencing, and Fence Co. Some fencing contractors in Capalaba are Piranha Fencing Pty Ltd, CapalabaFencing, Hi-Liner Pool and Aluminium Fencing, Sunshine Fencing & Retaining Walls, and many more.

Colorbond Fencing Contractors Brisbane

As colour bond fencing is weather, corrosion, termite resistant, it one of the best options when it comes to choosing a fence. It also makes a good pool fence. Many contractors deal in colour bond fencing and pool fences installation Brisbane such as DNA Quality Fencing, Fences R Us, and Steel Fencing.

Fencing Contractors Brisbane Western Suburbs

Some contractors in Brisbane exclusively deal in the Western Suburb such as Griffin Fencing, Able Landscapes, Edge Fencing, Anything Goes Fencing, ESP Fencing & Security, All Fencing & Landscaping, and many more.

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Fencing Contractors Melbourne

Fence Contractors Melbourne

Fence Contractors Melbourne

Fencing is very common in the region of Australia. Many popular and well-known contractors provide good services and high-quality products. The harsh weather of Melbourne requires a good fencing job. Therefore, if you are looking to protect your property or beautify your living space to increase its value, fencing is the right option for you.

You will be able to find different types of fences that come in different materials, shapes, colours, and sizes. You should choose the fence that is best suited for your house. Keeping in mind the picture you have, you should consult a professional and ask for advice regarding what fence you should go for. Then you should thoroughly research the market for the best contractor for the type of fencing job you want.

Fencing Contractors Melbourne

There are many well-known fencing contractors in Melbourne. Some of the most well-known fence builders Melbourne are Melbourne Chain Wire fencing they specialize in chain wire fencing, Taylor Fencing and Retaining walls, Melbourne Fencing Specialist, and RJL Fencing PTY LTD, BP Fencing, and many more. Most of them are also timber fencing contractors.

Melbourne Fence Company

Melbourne Fence Company is a well-known company that is based in Australia that retails different types of fences. The company was established in 2013, and they are regarded as one of the best fence contractors in Melbourne. You can get a free quote from their website by entering dimensions and other relevant information. They deal with fence installation Melbourne.

Fencing Contractors Melbourne South Eastern Suburbs

In the South-Eastern suburb region of Melbourne, there are many well-known contractors for fencing. Some of them are Dandenong Gate Company, All Day Brushwood Fencing, and JFK Fencing. Some fencing contractors Frankston are Mick’s Fencing and Automatic gates, Fasttrack Fencing, and OZ fencing.

Fencing Contractors Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Some of the most well-known paling fence contractors Melbourne are East Side Fencing, Domestic Fencing Co, Paine Group Timber Fencing, Melbourne Chain wire fencing.

Fencing Contractors Melbourne Northern Suburbs

Well, known fencing contractors in the Melbourne Northern Suburbs include Fencing Contractors Melbourne, Chainmesh Security Fencing, Melbourne Fencing Specialists, and Colorbond Fence.

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Cheap Fence Ideas

Cheap Fence Ideas

Cheap Fence Ideas

Fencing is a safe, secure, and sound investment. However, with safety, it also adds an aesthetic appeal to the house, which in turn increases its value. There are many ways one can plan their fencing job. If you have an idea of what you want, you will be able to plan your fencing job more effectively, and it will save you cost and time both. This way, you will end up with a product you had in mind.

It is best if you research thoroughly using the internet and other house magazines while you are searching for fencing ideas. When you have a clear picture of what you have in mind, you should start getting quotes for the prices. Find contractors that have already done a similar job.

Inexpensive Fencing Ideas

Some of the most affordable fencing ideas can turn out to be the best ones. Therefore, don’t think that a high price will give you the product that you desire. Some cheap DIY fence is the Split Rail Fence with mesh, goat proof fence, 4-rail Horse fence, Hog wire privacy fence, Chain Link design, and many more.

Cheap Fence Ideas For Backyard

If you are looking for cheap dog fence ideas and ideas to decorate and protect your backyard, then you must consider DIY Garden Fence, Wood Frame Wire fence, veggie fence, invisible dog fences, pallet dog fences, and much more. 

Inexpensive Privacy Fence Ideas

Some of these inexpensive privacy fence ideas can be easily done by yourself. However, you may get professional help which will also not cost a lot. Therefore, if you want to choose a cheaper alternative, you may get inspiration from tutorials available on the web. Some cheap fencing ideas are mentioned below:

  • Barbed Wire
  • Electric/Invisible
  • Metal Chain Link
  • Wood & Privacy

Seven Very Cheap Garden Fence Ideas

Listed below are seven affordable fencing ideas or garden screening ideas cheap:

  1. You can use a super-sized plant to produce shade
  2. Privacy fence from junk.
  3. A wall can be built around the property.
  4. Outdoor curtains can also act as a fence.
  5. Invest in a retractable backyard screen
  6. Using videos and other sources build a privacy screen
  7. DIY Garden Slat wall.

Cheap Privacy Fence Ideas

By the installation of outdoor curtains, using plants and trees, and by buying used panels, you can make a cheap privacy fence. Some pool fence ideas cheap are protecting your pool with chain link fencing and wooden fencing.

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Privacy fence

Privacy Fence

Privacy Fence

Privacy fences are very important. A picket fence, rail fences, split rail fences, and post fences all help in increasing the privacy of the house. Privacy fences help in giving a sense of security to the homeowner regarding his/her property. Their main aim is to keep people, animals, and vehicles off the property. This way, it helps to protect other elements. Fences are also very convenient if you live in an area that is within close distance to a wildlife reserve because it will stop wild animals from coming into your property. Privacy fence also comes in handy If you want to keep children and pets inside the house. Some types of fences also add a decorative appeal which will eventually lead to an increase in the value of your house.

Bamboo Fencing

A bamboo privacy fence is preferred on top of traditional hardwood. This is because it has numerous advantages it comes in different types of colours so that you can colour-coordinate it with your house. Bamboo is light in weight that makes its installation much easier. A cheap privacy fence wall costs $38.00 whereas a good quality fencing will cost around $72.00.

Lattice Fence

Privacy walls and fences are very popular. Lattice fence refers to a structure that is made from either wood or other material that are arranged in a pattern such as a criss-cross or diamond pattern. This type of fence has spaces in between. Typically, a lattice fence costs between $35 and $100.00 per meter. The costs usually depend on the type and size.

Backyard Fence

You can use any type of fence in your backyard to protect from trespassers and increase security. Rolled bamboo fencing is a cheap privacy fence. Fence installation costs are somewhere in between $1,648 and $3,960.

Lattice Fence Panels

Lattice fence panels are very popular because they come in small sections and can help replace an already existing fence and can also act as a very good screen.

Privacy Fence Panels

Another option for a privacy wall can be a privacy fence. The fence that is usually 4- to 6-foot tall is around $15-$30. The price depends on the type of wood, size, and structure you need. It is a cheaper alternative to an outdoor privacy wall.

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Fence Panels Timber

Fence Panels Timber

Fence Panels Timber

It is well known that fence panels help improve home security. It does so by keeping the inside shielded from the outside, stops unwanted animals, adds a good look, and it prevents unauthorized vehicles and people from having access to your property. A fence panel usually comes in different height varying from 3feet to 6 feet. However, the width of the panel is usually 6 feet. Therefore, you will need to get alterations done if the size of your garden is not divisible by 6.

There are many different types of fence wooden garden fence panels as well as panels made from other materials such as the close board fence panels that help maintain privacy and security, a colour fence that is made of galvanized steel, weave fence, timber fencing panels, and many more.

Timber Fence Panels

Timber fence panels are of many types. Timber picket fence panels are one of the most common types of panels when it comes to timber garden fence. Timber lattice panels’ price is almost around $223 for every 2400 x 1800mm panel.

Merbau Fence Panels

Merbau yields one of the most valuable timber. This type of timber garden fence is well known for its aesthetic as well as privacy. Merbau is also used in timber lattice screening. It is known for its durability and longevity.

Wooden Fence Panels Bunnings

You can purchase all types of wooden garden fence panels from Bunnings. They have these panels available in different sizes and materials that are best suited for your property. Bunnings also provide tutorials on the installation of these panels. Therefore, if you are looking for wooden garden fence panels, Bunnings is the right place for you.

Hardwood Fence Panels

Not only timber but other hardwood fence panels are also used. Fence panels cost less than a fence that is purchased per meter. A fence panel can be anywhere around $500-$2000. The price depends on the size and the material used in the panel.

Timber Fence Panels Bunnings

Bunnings have different types of timber garden fence panels available on the website. They offer the best quality panels at the lowest rates. Bunnings is well known for its service and quality.

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Privacy Screen For Fence

Privacy Screen For Fence

Privacy Screen For Fence

Some types of fencing methods have spaces in between them which may cause bypassers to get a clear view of the property. Therefore, a privacy screen comes in at that time. A privacy screen or filter makes it difficult for someone to look into the property. This is because it reduced visibility. It can limit only outsider’s view, which can make it a suitable option for decor and privacy. This screen is not like a privacy fence; it only limits visibility. According to law, the allowed permeability for a privacy screen is 20%, and similarly, privacy screens must be at least 1.6 meters above the completed floor level.

Garden Screening

Garden fence screening is a good measure if you want to keep the garden a private place. It allows you to create a comfort zone for yourself. You can have family gatherings and enjoy them with full comfort. Not only privacy but it also keeps your garden protected from outsiders.

Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fencing makes a good weather-resistant fence. It can withstand extreme temperatures, durable, environmentally friendly, low maintenance cost, and it adds a unique aesthetic. It is a popular garden fence option. Top of the fence can be of two types that are rolled bamboo fencing or flat bamboo fencing.

Fence Screening

Fence screening has started to become a popular method. Garden bamboo screening sheets are in increasing demand. There are other types of fence screening as well, but because of the low cost and maintenance of bamboo, it is the most popular one. You can get a fence screening made on-demand of the size that you require.

Bamboo Fence Screening

Bamboo garden screening helps with more privacy and keeps your garden safe. The screen can be easily installed, or you may get a profession to get additional help. Many websites, such as Bunnings offer this service. 

Bamboo Privacy Screen

Bamboo privacy fence acts as a privacy wall between the outside world and your property. This type of garden fence screening may be the best option for decor and privacy.

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Top of Fence

Top of Fence

Top of Fence

Fencing is found in a lot of residential and commercial properties these days. It is used for numerous reasons including privacy, security, to keep pets and children safe, and many more. It is best to choose the one that is the most suitable for the area you live in. Some of the most popular options are aluminium, wood, PVC, wrought iron, electric, and bamboo.

The top of the fence is often finished in such a way that it gives an aesthetic look. Sometimes it is also topped with a final (which is a piece of wood or metal) that makes it look more pleasing. The price of this is often included in your job. Common top of fences types is a flat top and roll-top.

On Top of Retaining Wall

A retaining wall that is either made of brick, concrete, stone, or other material can be used to keep soil in one place. The top of the wall can be further extended by the addition of a fence. This should be within 0.9 meters from the back of the block.

Top of Fence

On top of Brick Wall

Brick walls are very energy efficient. They help retain a steady temperature throughout the year, keeping the house cool and warm when needed. This privacy on top of a brick wall can be used to extend the height of an already built wall.

Best for Dogs

Dogs may bury close to the boundary lines. Hence, it is best to use a fence that is embedded deep in the ground. Many other options are safe and tested available for dogs such as the extreme dog kit, pet safe in-ground system, and many more that are available at Amazon.

Dog Proof Fence Top

A roll-top is a good option if you want to dog-proof the top of your yard and keep your dogs from jumping over it. Other methods include using an extension kit.

Spear Top

The spear top fence helps one to protect their property from intruders and thieves. The fence top spikes add extra security to the existing spear top fence. The best electric fence energizer can be installed for optimum security. 

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