Picket Fence Contractors

Picket Fence Contractors

Picket Fence Contractors

Finding the right Picket Fence Contractors is important as the picket fence has long embodied the Australian dream when it comes to a beautiful courtyard full of flowers. Pointy pegs have evolved to deter them from resting and thus protect the flowers inside. During the Victorian period, the pickets became incredibly complex to compete with the details of the elegant cast iron fence.

Picket Fence Contractors

Typical picket fences are approximately one meter high and are located in the courtyard. City codes often set the height limit of fences allowed. Installing such a fence can double your children’s play area because they can be safely closed to enjoy the grassy space. This fence also prevents pets from running away from grass and flower beds. Picket fences are excellent problem-solvers for corner lots to protect the lawn from pedestrians and crossing bicycles.

Feature Fencing Gold Coast

The materials of the pickets change according to the way they are finished and the degree of detail. For more rustic houses, cedar or sequoia fences are allowed to mature naturally to obtain a beautiful patina that blends into the landscape. A white painted wooden fence is more than a distinctive note. They serve as an ideal backdrop for roses and perennials, where the owner wants a beautiful garden visible on the street.

Picket Fence
Picket Fence

The opportunities to dress a standard fence are to improve the door or gateway with a decorative ceiling or posts. The terminals at the top of all publications give a much more elegant look.

If you are looking for a fencing contractor, you can get a free quote now! Hire a reliable contractor for your picket fence installation project. Finding a wooden fence contractor can be a sometimes daunting task. However, let us do the hard work for you. Request a free quote now as we provide many experienced contractors in Picket fences.

Forget about loose mesh fences that don’t work well! Hire a timber picket fence contractor that has a lot of work experience to provide our customers with excellent finishes and reliable installation services.

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Fencing Melbourne Northern Suburbs

Fencing Melbourne Northern Suburbs

Fencing Melbourne Northern Suburbs

Installing Fencing Melbourne Northern Suburbs can be an important decision. You should have a clear idea of ​​what you want and the value of the new fence as a resource for the property. If you are looking for a basic suburban fence or a design feature, you must do your homework.

fencing contractors melbourne northern suburbs
fencing contractors melbourne northern suburbs

The problems in choosing a fence can be complex:

  • Dogs: Do you have large dogs that should be cared for or taken care of when building fences?
  • Perimeter fences: it is necessary to respect the legislation on the fence of the state itself that establishes the measures to be taken.
  • Council problems: are trees covered by the Council rules or should they be protected? Do you have a fence that must respect the pool safety laws?
  • Termites and bush fires: in areas known for white ants or bush fires, it is necessary to choose a fireproof enclosure and/or termite.
  • Boundaries: Do you know precisely where your border is? This can be a real problem. The help of a surveyor may be necessary.

Types of fencing northern suburbs

  • Timber paling: These are versatile, comfortable to work with and very flexible designs and styles. They are still the most popularly used boundary fence in Australian suburbs. Treated pine is a soft green colour that blends in with plants and landscaping.
  • The classic picket fence: they can be something special and can be built with organic plantation wood or some very durable forest woods from Australia.
  • Screen fencing and privacy screens: This fencing option is becoming even more popular in recent years for a very good reason: They look great. Screen fencing is a great way to break up the straight lines of a large fence for design purposes.
Fencing Melbourne Northern Suburbs

Decide what you need

You will find that you have defined preferences in the type and style of the fence. These are useful guides to find exactly what you need.

The fence you will need will have:

  • Exactly the right look for your home
  • Every functional need you want
  • High-quality materials with a lasting guarantee.
  • A clear value that adds features based on appearance and functions

The best fence is a good guide for the buyer of quality and prices and shows what is possible. Do you prefer hardwood?  Or do you want the materials you use to be environmentally friendly from a renewable resource? You can exercise your options to find the best solutions.

Fence Installation Melbourne Northern Suburbs

You can really get a great new fence with a reasonable budget. If you decide to choose good quality, you will get good value for money.

The order for costs is:

  • Wooden fences are the cheapest.
  • Colorbond and steel are a bit more expensive.
  • The screen is the most expensive, but extremely versatile.

The easiest way to deal with budget and installation problems is to set costs with a fencing quote Melbourne. You will find that the best fencing contractor can help you and give you constructive suggestions.

When you have a fencing problem in your home or business in Melbourne, choose a fencing contractor located in Melbourne. You can hire the fencing contractor Melbourne northern suburbs you want and be sure of your professionalism. Get free quotes.

Fencing Hobart

Fencing Hobart

Fencing Hobart

Installing fencing in Hobart makes you a good neighbour and has always been that way. Put yourself in the place of the child who lives next door and you will appreciate it if you have a fence that not only offers an edge and a distinction of your property but also offers you many functional advantages.

It is important to have a high-quality fence around your Hobart property. Fencing provides security for your home, they look good (if done well) and are essential to give an excellent first impression to visitors. Because a fence is often the first thing people see when they visit your home or business, it is important to make sure it is well designed and well maintained.

The key to getting the perfect fence is to choose the right fencing contractor. Find Hobart’s fencing contractor that offers everything from design to installation and maintenance services, and pay special attention to your reputation and past experience.

Custom fences are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, which means it is also important to choose a team that offers the fence style you want. Some of Hobart’s most popular fencing styles include bricks, metal, colorbond and timber fencing. A quick search will reveal a wide range of styles, but you should try to find something that matches the rest of your garden.

If you live in Hobart, the good news is that we have a long list of services related to the construction of fences and gates for residential and commercial environments. You can choose from a wide range of fencing options, including feature fencing, fabricated aluminium panel fence, pool glass fence, rendering panel fence, perimeter pillar front walls and padding panels, and many others.

Hobart’s fencing contractors offer a wide range of fence options from wood like timbers paling fences to steel colorbond fencing Hobart. Hobart’s fencing contractors offer a wide range of designs and styles, including residential and commercial applications.

Whether you’re looking aesthetic or security purposes, a well-built fence will always offer you the advantage of both worlds. That is why it’s important that you have the task of installing a fence for good Hobart fence contractors. With several companies and contractors available, it can be a bit difficult to find the ideal contractor. Fortunately, you can get a free quote immediately.

Fencing Hobart

Fencing Hobart Cost

Everyone loves a wooden fence. They are relatively easy to install, provide the perfect amount of privacy and add a lovely natural look to any outdoor space. They can also be dyed or painted to match the look of your home.

How much does the timber fence cost?

When fencing contractors cite their work, they will consider a number of factors:

  • Fencing materials used. The species of wood you choose will make a substantial difference in cost. Treated Pine is a cheap timber fencing option, while some Australian or imported timber species could be more costly.
  • Access to your property
  • The height of the fence (standard heights include: 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.1m)
  • Type of terrain
  • Property contours
  • The amount of material requested (longer runs may be cheaper)
  • If painting or colouring is required
  • What kind of bases are needed for the supports?
  • Remove the old fence

If your land is very soft or rocky, your work could cost more in terms of work and overtime. It should also be noted that fence heights greater than 2.4 m may require scaffolding that entails an additional cost

How much does the installation of wooden fences cost?

As a general guide, a professional should install a 1.8-meter-high wooden fence for a cost of $75 per meter, but it will depend on the size of the fence and other factors. Fencing contractors generally charge a lower rate for longer fencing runs.

Expect to pay (including work + installation):

  • $75 – $120 per meter for a treated pine wood fence
  • $320 for a previously primed treated pine fence (92 mm x 18 mm)
  • $330 per meter for a 1.5 m (42mm x 18 mm) Merbau hardwood fence.
Fencing Contractors Australia

Fencing Contractors

Fencing Contractors

What is a fence contractor?

Fencing contractors are professionals with the skills and experience to install fencing systems on commercial or domestic properties or land. There are different types of fences available. Some people think that the fence is simply a cheap timber fencing.

However, a fence can take different forms for different purposes. The security fence is an example; it moves away from the wooden beams and is based on the metal fence (it is much stronger and has better security measures). Even with the metal fence, there are still significant variations such as wire mesh or metal beams.

For added security, it is possible to incorporate barbed wire or spikes into the fence. This is a very popular security method around military structures with barbed wire fences used for the section of buildings, areas or even the entire terrain.

Fence contractors are very skilled in what they do; if it is not installed correctly, all the advantages of its safety will be lost and the fence could become potentially useless. Each section must be joined precisely and safely.

They will bring their tools to the workplace and are often provided by the company that sold the fence (they probably have their own group of contractors). If you prefer, you can hire independent contractors to install your fencing. Independent contracts may be cheaper, but it’s about finding a valid one that works with the same high standards required to properly install your fence.

Fencing Contractors Australia

Fencing contractors are professionals, so you can always rely on their quality of service. They understand your specific needs and requirements and always offer a high-level fencing service. If you want your home to be completely safe, these contractors will help you find the right one.

If you are trying to install a fence on your property, taking a look at the Internet in search of a fencing contractor can be a daunting task. Make the right decision by getting a free quote now and you will find an Australian fencing company that offers fences along with contractors to install it.  

Fencing Contractors

Cheap fencing companies near me

If you leave in Australia, chances are you are blown away by all the result when searching for “Fencing Melbourne Northern Suburbs” “fencing companies near me” or keywords like “fencing Australia.”

So, what do I look for? Fencing Quote Online is designed to help you make get a quick and no-fuss quote within hours. We will like to help you select the perfect fence for your property and the right Australian fencing company for the installation.

Feature Fences

Feature Fences

Feature Fences

Are you looking feature fences or maybe not just the daily paling fence or colorbond fencing you see in the suburbs? Feature fences are specifically designed to make an aesthetic statement and improve the value of your property by giving your home a point of difference.

Make an aesthetic statement and enhance the external area and value of your property with Feature Fencing. By adding the appeal of the street to your home or building, Feature Fencing is also perfect for those who want to create something personalized and unique to improve their property. Feature fences will increase the value of your property due to its practicality and attractiveness. Buyer confidence also increases due to the greater privacy and security that Feature Fencing offers.

Whether you choose a classic and fashionable design or have a specific custom style in mind, there’s a wide range of Fencing options that can be customized according to your needs and preferences and to achieve a unique design and style.

Mixes of colours and types of materials can be creatively combined to make a good statement and also to add value to your home. A visually stunning fence can really make your property stand out! Improving the appearance of your property can not only make you feel better for you but also add value to the property if you sell it and make it more attractive to tenants if it is a rental property.

Feature fences can also provide excellent display properties, which can be attractive, especially if you have neighbours looking or living on a street that has no traffic. However, a feature fence does not need to cost the earth (both ways of the word).

Feature Fences

Why choose Feature Fencing?

  • Make an aesthetic statement: make your outside area different from that of your neighbours.
  • Add value to your home.
  • Flexibility to combine different fencing materials and colours.
  • Improves privacy and security without compromising aesthetics.
  • Install a wide range of fence types.

When it comes to feature fencing, there are a lot of fencing options to choose from. Some interesting options include:

Picket Fence Contractors
Picket Fencing Quote
Picket Fencing Quote

Your home can be exceptional right from the front fences and gates and have that extra charm that everyone wants. These fences are perfect for any owner, developer or builder who wants to sell their home while increasing the feeling and modern aesthetics.

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Colorbond Fencing Melbourne

Colorbond Fencing Melbourne

Colorbond Fencing Melbourne

The role of a Colorbond Fencing in Melbourne is not only to provide security and privacy but also to serve as a design element to adapt to the complete appearance of your home. The fence is usually the first thing that people see when they approach their property and how it looks can affect their entire perception of the property.

Colorbond fencing Melbourne is becoming increasingly popular for this exact reason. Colorbond fence gates and fences are made of high-quality galvanized steel with a durable and wonderful colour finish. In addition to its strength, Colorbond fence gates and fences are fantastic if you want to add some colour and elegance to your fence.

Colorbond colors for fencing
Colorbond colors for fencing

Colorbond Fencing Price Melbourne

Asking about colorbond fencing price Melbourne is similar to asking how long a rope lasts. There are some variables to consider to give an exact price without actually seeing the yard.

Of course, different fencing contractors in Melbourne will have a standard price per meter, but that fence price will certainly increase if certain conditions exist. There are quite a few and I will try some here to facilitate your decision.

Easy access to the site.

The Fencing Contractors can easily access the site and by this, I mean the position of the colorbond fence. There may be vines or climbing plants, etc. That cover most of the fence. Obviously, this will have to be removed.

Real estate objects next to the fence line.

There may be a structure like a small shed or the house is right on the fence line. One option is for the Fencer to simply compose the fence panels on the site and install it on the site.

Colorbond Fencing Melbourne

Length of the fence

If the work you need is within walking distance, some contractors will increase the price. For example, some would quote $80 per meter for more than 50 meters closely but $100 per meter for short distances. Be aware of this.

Obviously, the prices of the colour scheme will be higher, but it is necessary to keep in mind that you will not replace this fence every time you do it with the standard pallet. In conclusion, if you are in Melbourne and are looking for a pleasant fence with a list of benefits, a colorbond fence is the definitive answer to your needs.

Advantages of A Colorbond Fence

here are some of the benefits associated with fencing in Colorbond:

  • Perfect for privacy and security.
  • Resistant to wind, fire and termites.
  • Will not fade, splinter or crack
  • Made with colorbond steel made in Australia.

Fence quote

If you need a colorbond fence installation in Melbourne and the surrounding areas, I guess the next step for you is to click here to get a quote. Finding a cheap colorbond fencing Melbourne is very much attainable as colorbond fencing is one of the cheapest forms of domestic fencing in the market.

Colorbond Fencing cost

Colorbond Fencing Cost

Colorbond Fencing Cost

The cost of Colorbond fencing widely differs and is used in residential and commercial properties throughout the Eastern region of Australia because it offers durability, security and privacy, as well as easy maintenance.  It is also easy to install and is available in a variety of styles and colours.

On average, the installation of Colorbond fences costs $80 per meter. The size and complexity of the work determine if the price of this service may increase. Typically, Colorbond fence installers charge around $80 per meter to $110 per meter.

Colorbond Fencing Styles

Colorbond offers three different fencing styles: traditional, lattice fencing and gated fencing. The simplest of the Colorbond fencing styles is the Traditional Fencing. This style includes the Colorbond steel fence model and is available with over 14 colour options. The traditional fence is the type of fence sold by Colorbond. Lattice fencing Also the colorbond fence includes the style option.

How much Is A Sheet of Colorbond?

You won’t find many durable, flexible and durable materials like Colorbond. Tested and tested for longevity and erosion, Colorbond can withstand even the toughest climates in Australia. In addition, the metal fence is 100% recyclable and helps reduce waste on the site, so the environment will also appreciate it.

The price of a Colorbond fencing sheet depends on the type of siding and varies between the range of $17 to $37 per sheet, so expect to pay around:

  • $17 per base of steel sheet,
  • $22 per Colorbond sheet with powder coating
  • $37 for the most durable Ultra Colorbond sheet
Colorbond Fencing cost

Colorbond Fence Price per Panel

The price per panel depends mainly on the size and style of the Colorbond cabinet panels. The price per panel of the standard colorbond fencing size ranges between $80 and $150, although it may be less or even reach around $200.

Colorbond fencing sizes

How High Is A Standard Colorbond Fence?

The height of the Colorbond fence is closely related to the height of the panel. A standard Colorbond fence panel is 1.8meters high. Of course, there are other heights of Colorbond panels available in the market, such as, 1.5m, 2.1m and more depending on the manufacturer.

 Width of Colorbond Fence Panel

A standard Colorbond fence panel has a width of 2.365m. However, the width of the Colorbond panel may vary depending on its height, so it can be 2.1m, 2.365m, 2.4m, 3.1m, 3.15m or more depending on the manufacturer.

Colorbond Fencing Near Me

Cost of Colorbond fence per meter

If it is a standard 1.8-meter-high Colorbond fence installed on soft ground, it is necessary to estimate a cost of between $80 and $90 per linear meter, excluding GST. The prices below this should be tired of how no original component could be used or improper cement bases installed to save costs. Asking many questions is the key to ensuring that a quality fence is installed according to its standard.

Factors that Affect Fence Installation Price

The Colorbond fence installation is an important home improvement project. To get the most out of your budget, you should have an idea of ​​how much you will need to spend. This also allows you to make a better decision. When estimating a budget for your fencing project, be sure to consider these things:


If you have a large property, the Colorbond fence installer will need to devote more time and resources to complete the job.

Replacing an old fence

If you are replacing an old fence, your installer will have to remove it before you can build your new Colorbond Fence. Depending on the type of material from which your old fence is made, removing it can be difficult. In this case, prepare to disburse more money as your fencing contractor will do more work.

The complexity of work.

Complicated installation involves additional activities for the installer. For example, if the fence is in soft or irregular terrain, the work will undoubtedly be more difficult. Of course, as the amount of work increases, the cost also increases.

Colorbond colors for fencing
Colorbond colors for fencing

Cheap Colorbond Fencing

Finding a cheap colorbond fencing is very much attainable as colorbond fencing is one of the cheapest forms of domestic fencing in the market. However, fencing is generally a unique decision in life and you should pay attention to what is right for you. We recommend that you visit our website and explore the various options or talk to one of our experts.

Fencing Quote

When comparing colorbond fencing quotes, don’t just compare prices. Compare the processing of fencing contractors from whom you receive fencing quotes. A good fencing contractor should have a long history in your community and can show you examples of your previous work. If a fence installed five years ago still looks great today, you can be sure it will too. The best way to find out the cost of your fencing project is to get a fencing quote from local fence builders. This will give you an idea of ​​what the current market rates are.

The installation of Colorbond fences is an important project and should only be carried out by qualified professionals. You can find a list of experienced Colorbond fencing installers at the best possible price with just a few clicks.

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Picket Fence Contractors

Picket Fence Contractors

Picket Fence Contractors

Choosing the right Picket Fence Contractors is important, whether you have a house with a large or small patio, enclosing it is something to think about. Depending on the zoning regulations in your area. There are many uses for a fence, including protection, privacy, pet borders and decorations. Outdoor privacy fences also provide an additional layer of isolation from nosy neighbours.

The picket fence is a fence most used to define boundaries. Evenly spaced vertical boards called pickets are used and these have a tapered or pointed top. The fence can be installed using prefabricated sections that simply connect to the fence posts or the entire fence can be built on-site. Picket fences can be painted in any colour, but they are usually white.

Picket fencing melbourne
Picket fencing

Picket fences are reasonably one of the most recognizable fencing options and make a great addition to any home. If you are thinking of placing a fence, this is what you need to know.

Information about picket fences

Picket fences are traditionally made of timber, often pines or hardwoods. However, now you can also get metal fences, which are coated with powder paint of the colour you want. Metal fences have the advantage of being completely resistant to termites. PVC fences are also available, which are also resistant to termites and also have little maintenance since they never need paint. The fences can be painted for any colour you want. Choose a colour that compliments your property. Picket fences are accessible in different heights, from a short limit fence to a complete privacy fence.

Styles of Picket Fences

There are many different styles available inside the fences. Some styles of up-close include:

  • Rise and fall
  • Recess gate
  • Concave
  • Straight top
  • Staggered
  • One up one down the middle section
  • Federation middle section
  • Ripple iron

For a charming fence that is also a feature, you can even have your fence designed to meet your exact needs.


Once you decide to add a picket fence on your property, your goal should be to hire a professional picket fence contractor. Remember that hiring a professional picket fence contractor who has extensive knowledge on fence installation is an added advantage on your part.

If you need a professional picket fence contractor, feel free to get a free quote now.

Timber Picket Fencing

Timber Picket Fencing

Timber Picket Fencing

Timber Picket Fencing is a traditional fencing style produced by wooden posts attached to a rail with empty spaces between the posts. The elegant design has been popular for many years and is especially seen in the surrounding front gardens. Picket Fencing is the ideal option to protect or delimit the boundaries while letting the light through.

A picket fence will merge with almost all properties and gardens, making it an excellent option to protect garden features such as ponds or pools without blocking the view or being too intimidating.

Picket Fencing Essendon
Windsor Top Picket Fence

A timber picket fence can add the final touch to your home. When you build it yourself, with the help of professional fencing contractors, you can create the exact look you want. Your fence will keep children and pets safely inside and unwanted guests outside, giving you the privacy, you want. Choose a design that integrates your home and garden, making sure your house “pops” with the right materials and are on the right path.

In the construction timber picket fences, the pickets are mounted vertically and fixed to horizontal rails. The rails are fixed to the cemented uprights directly on the ground, at the top of the retaining walls or fixed between brick pillars, walls, columns or other structures.

Flat top picket with capping
Flat top picket with capping

The basic decorative stakes can be purchased from timber suppliers and are available in heights of 900mm, 1.2m, 1.5m and 1.8m to fit most timber picket fences. The four models of common pre-cut pickets available are colonial, acorn, gothic and round to name a few

Timber posts and picket fences are available in 90mm x 90mm or 112mm x 112mm, if necessary, they should be spaced approximately 2.1 – 2.4 meters or less. Posts must be longer than 400mm to 600mm than the height of the fence and an additional post is required next to all gates and openings. The standard lengths for wooden posts are 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m, 3.0m, 3.6m.

Timber Picket Fencing

Pergolas or entrance arbours can be combined with the fence design to enhance the charm of a property’s street or to help resolve privacy or security issues. A well-designed timber picket fence can improve the value of your property for a relatively small investment.

We offer all tyles of timber picket fencing quotes

Fencing Quote

Fencing Quote

Fencing Quote

When comparing fencing quotes, don’t just compare prices. Compare the processing of fencing contractors from whom you receive fencing quotes. A good fencing contractor will have a long history in your community and can show you examples of your previous work. If a fence installed five years ago still looks great today, you can be sure it will too.

The best way to find out the cost of your fencing project is to get a fencing quote from local fence builders. This will give you an idea of ​​what the current market rates are. will your fencing contractor help you with your fencing notice if you need to send your neighbour one?

Comparing Fencing Contractors

If you are thinking of building a new fence or replacing an old one, you will, of course, get some fencing quotes and compare fence contractors to see what each one has to offer. But what are the relevant questions to ask about it? Hereabout, we describe the things you need to know and why they are important, so you can be sure to make the right decision and get the best value for money, especially if you are building a feature fence

Do you offer a guarantee?

You do not want to invest in a fence and then fail, only to discover that you have no guarantee. Never you assume that a fencing contractor offers a guarantee on your work. Some do and others do not.

You can understand why it is vital to understand what kind of guarantee is offered. You want to get the written guarantee that indicates what is covered and for how long. Then you know exactly where you are in case of problems with materials or labour.

Look for a contractor that supports both materials and labour with a long-lasting warranty: approximately one year is good.

Fencing Quote

Are rust-proof accessories used, as well as panels/slats?

This critical question is often overlooked. Rust is the number one enemy of a fence. Most fence contractors will inform you immediately of their rust-proof or galvanized aluminium uprights and panels, but what about the smaller elements that hold the fence together?

We must emphasize how important it is to ensure that your fencing contractor also uses rust-proof fittings. This includes screws, welds, hinges, panels, bolts, posts, etc. The use of accessories that are not rust-proof will eventually cause the fence to fail.

Are your fabricator’s trade certified?

Some fencing contractors will have certified owners, but they will hire cheaper unskilled workers to do the actual work to increase their profits. When you hire a fencing contractor, you must ensure that even the people who build your fence are qualified tradesmen. It collapses with the first strong wind.

By making sure that fabricators are certified tradesmen, you know that you are having highly qualified people build your fence, which means that you will get a strong and durable fence, which looks good and is built in the way you want.

Do you have insurance for your tradesmen when they are on my property?

If the fencing contractor has adequate insurance, accidents such as injuries or property damage can be appropriately handled. Both you and the tradesmen will be protected. However, if the fencing contractor has inadequate insurance or does not have insurance, the homeowner may be held liable. Do not risk; Make sure the contractor has adequate insurance.

Where do you get your materials?

It is always safer to make sure that Australian materials are used since foreign materials may not meet Australia’s construction and safety standards. Yes, foreign materials may cost less, but often they have a much lower quality than local materials.

When your fence is built with a quality product, you know that it will last and retain its beauty for years to come. Saving a few dollars in materials and, therefore, having a fence that begins to deteriorate quickly makes no sense. You will find additional material costs for repairs and labour. That’s why it’s important to ask your fencing contractor where the materials they use come from.