A Picket Fence

A Picket Fence

A Picket Fence

Fences are the best security measure for a house that is used for making boundaries, protection and privacy, and beauty. They make your house look more attractive, spacious, and secure. One of the major and most frequently used ideas of fencing is the picket fencing. So, what’s a picket fence? Let’s go through the details of some of the best fences you can have.


These fences are some of the best fences that beautify your home. They represent a clear boundary between different marked areas. They are mostly used for garden fencing, yard fencing, separation of different plantations, and so on. Here is the basic method.

  • Install posts
  • Mark stringer position
  • Install stringers
  • Cut pickets to length
  • Seal all surfaces of fence parts and paint a final coating.
  • Install pickets
  • Add caps

On a slope

The best way to build a fence on a slope is by putting up a timber fence. Building a fence on a slope is much easier than setting up a panel fence because it takes the same amount of work. As the fence is divided into small pickets, the ground acts for each of them as straight. So, the fence fixing becomes easier.

Making a picket fence

Fences can be made easily by wooden slats. You just need to cut them the right size and design them accordingly. Painting a fence makes it look much more beautiful and enhances its attractiveness.


The most widely used fences is the white picket fences. Some people are supposed to have “white picket fence syndrome” that makes them so attracted to white fences. They are the most attractive type of fences and easy to build. You can build or buy online. The method of building a fence has been described earlier.

White picket

So, what is a white picket fence? these fences are the symbols of happy middle-class living. They have a symbolic nature in western culture and depicts peaceful living. They are the best fences for beauty and well-being.

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